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We provide a variety of services to suit all your needs – from a trusted self-service solution to bespoke platforms. You choose how you’d like to work with us.


Croner-i are the experts in providing the most current guidance, tools and model documents on HR, Health and Safety and general running of the business. Business Essentials Lite, a complimentary service to Fizz customers, is an ideal starting point


Business Insurance tailored to the needs of small businesses, sole traders and the self employed.

Affordable and hassle free.. Why not get a free quote today


Specialists in IT support and solutions for the SME market.

Lime Insurance

We're making private medical cover affordable for everyone. Power up your healthcare where it’s needed the most, with our super-simple, affordable Lime Health top-ups from just over £2 month

Brisk Risk Management

Businesses could use some extra help right now! Brisk is your own ‘Digital Assistant’ to save you time running your business and keeping it safe. We use clever technology to watch your back, anticipate risks and opportunities and help you stay one step ahead


Earn 10x more interest on your business cash

Blackthorns Chartered Accountants

We provide taxation, accounting and commercial advice with a personal, efficient and effective approach, supporting you through these very uncertain and difficult times.

Vinco Global Partners

Vinco Global Partners - foreign exchange and international payment services.

Why we are different

We believe in keeping things simple - most businesses need a variety of support and services in order that they can focus on their core activity in the knowledge that they are protected, advised and in control of all the associated elements of running a business

We have chosen a range of providers who we believe offer excellent services for reasonable rates. We haven't looked for the cheapest deal or special offers to get you to sign up - rather we have focused on services and policies that will deliver long term value and protection

You may have some or all of these things in place in which case please take a look to see if we can offer you more appropriate services. If you haven't then we hope that Fizz Workplace Solutions offers you a simple explanation of what is on offer to support you in order that you can choose the elements that you need

We are what we are – simple honest and true

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Market Leading Solutions

At Fizz workplace employers have access to all the business products they need to help them run a successful business. From business insurance, risk and cash management to HR and Health & Safety solutions, Fizz has teamed up with marketing leading providers to give our partners the very best solutions in the UK

Our Approach

We have partnered with the best business solution providers in the UK to give our clients access to quality products all in one place

Our menu approach to services enables you to select the elements that you want with the ability to add or remove services over time. You transact directly with the providers - we simply make the process of finding good quality and trusted solutions easier

Our Approach

What else does Fizz do?

Fizz offers a range of employee and member services covering Discounts, Rewards and Benefits

If you would like to know more please visit our website or get in touch

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We are privately owned

Fizz are a privately owned business established in August 2012, over the years we have grown into the disruptive provider in this market. We operate an extremely efficient model allowing us to pass on the maximum benefit to our members whilst remaining profitable. Fizz isn't funded, this means we rely on our reputation and quality of service rather than allowing loss making decisions to gain market share. If you like our philosophy you will like us, we keep things simple and focus on whats important. Saving you money every day

We are a community

Our partners and clients are our community, we listen and we learn from each other to provide services that reflect our members needs. We also use this community to communicate each others offerings so if a client needs something that we can't offer we normally know one of partners who can. Fizz believe personal recommendations and introductions are invaluable so once you become a member of our community you will share our network and knowledge. We would welcome you to join us. Together we save our members money everyday

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