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Brisk Risk Management

Protecting you against risks before they happen

Keeping an eye on social media comments, tracking finances, credit checking clients and suppliers, employee wellbeing, making sure insurance is up to date – these things all take time! Brisk uses real-time data feeds and clever technology to automate the way you understand the risks and opportunities you face and get you straight to the action that needs to be taken. It’s like having an extra pair of hands watching your back in a single digital assistant.

We are on a mission to give businesses the tools to anticipate risks and opportunities so they can be free from uncertainty.

Take a free 30-day trial including:
– Cyber security check for your website with improvement recommendations
– See your company’s credit rating and check 5 other companies free
– Track sentiment analysis for your social media feeds
– Organise your team with a time-off tracking tool
– Stay on top of key tasks with a compliance checklist

Try our tools and see how Brisk can help you save time and keep you safe.

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