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Lime Insurance

For just over £2 per month, you can be better prepared if cancer strikes.
Lime Insurance is providing the option of real support when you need it most.

You may not know the startling fact that Cancer impacts 1 in every 2 of us* at some time in our lifetimes.
Brand new cancer cover from Lime is designed to work with the NHS to give you added protection; up to £100,000 of cancer drugs approved but not funded, a helpline for support and guidance, and £5,000 cash on the diagnosis of cancer to help cover some of the costs of being ill.
Lime is putting cancer healthcare within reach for many people.

Of all the nasty side effects of cancer, the money issue rarely gets a thought or talked about.  That’s despite the fact that more than half of the people living with the disease experience higher day-to-day living costs, which are often matched with a loss of income.

No one wants to endure financial stress during this difficult time, which is why insurance provider Lime is here to help you focus solely on your recovery.
Lime’s cancer cover, whether being treated by the NHS or privately, provides people newly diagnosed with a £5,000 cash sum, to cover some of the hidden costs associated with cancer – such as being unable to work, paying for childcare or covering household bills. It also helps the NHS, in providing the latest most innovative and expensive treatment, by funding the drugs the NHS wants to provide but can’t afford.

Lime has stripped away the waste and unnecessary costs, so it can bring you its cancer cover from as little as £2.03* per month, offering affordable “peace of mind” to many more people in the UK.
Nobody wants to dwell on cancer, but a bit of preparation can help soften the blow if the worst was ever to happen.

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