Our Approach

Why we are different

We believe in keeping things simple - most businesses need a variety of support and services in order that they can focus on their core activity in the knowledge that they are protected, advised and in control of all the associated elements of running a business

We have chosen a range of providers who we believe offer excellent services for reasonable rates. We haven't looked for the cheapest deal or special offers to get you to sign up - rather we have focused on services and policies that will deliver long term value and protection

You may have some or all of these things in place in which case please take a look to see if we can offer you more appropriate services. If you haven't then we hope that Fizz Workplace Solutions offers you a simple explanation of what is on offer to support you in order that you can choose the elements that you need

We are what we are – simple honest and true

Workplace Solutions

Our approach

Again its simple. We work together, we listen to what our partners and members want and we aim to deliver the best services we can in a simple, effective and clear way

We bring together solutions for you into one place. We remove the complexity so you can quickly find services that you need and deal direct with the Provider

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At Fizz we offer a range of solutions covering Discounts, Rewards and Benefits

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